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  • Singin' in the Rain
  • Mamma Mia!
  • A Silent Voice
  • Airplane!

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  • Little Fish


  • Miss Juneteenth


  • The Leopard


  • You People

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  • Miss Juneteenth

    Miss Juneteenth


    this had been in my watchlist forever and i was not disappointed. it’s pretty slow but it’s more of a character study about the american south and the mother-daughter relationship. nicole beharie is a revelation in this film i don’t know why she didn’t get more awards for this.

  • The Leopard

    The Leopard



    this was the most gorgeous film i’ve ever seen??? the costumes, the sets, the shots (every shot looked like a painting they were so beautiful), they were all fantastic. this is less a film about the french nobility and more about a man who sees the world that he once knew fading away. the big ballroom scene at the end illustrates that perfectly. the scene is so extravagant that you almost forget the story, but then it cuts back to reality and you realize how quickly all that wealth can and will go away.

Popular reviews

  • Infinity Pool

    Infinity Pool


    i mean i guess? the plot is only interesting for the first hour and then after that it’s just violence and gore to try and keep the audience entertained. there are some good ideas here; the cloning is interesting and i would’ve liked to dig deeper into why these rich people go to the island in the first place (there could’ve been some good commentary on things like sex tourism and how rich people go to foreign countries to do…

  • Aftersun