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  • Detroit



    I watched this film when it came out in 2017 and haven't stopped talking about it since. This film was scary to watch because it was so real, whilst watching you have to stop and question yourself; are you watching a film or archive footage?

    Educational and memorable. Will Poulter's performance was outstanding, his best work and I think will be hard for him to beat.

  • Do the Right Thing

    Do the Right Thing


    Spike Lee executed the culture and life within the neighbourhood with vibrance and soul, everyone living here was their own unique self and it made it so special that there was so many characters to build a relationship with. 'Stylistic' doesn't even match how well this film works and clicks into place. There is countless powerful scenes that speak louder than themselves, I don't even need to say which ones because if you've watched this film then you know which…

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  • Okja



    Okja is a film that cleverly uses a fantasy like creature, to represent the food production industry and it's harmful affect on the world. The bond that is produced between Mija and Okja is similar to one someone would make with a pet, would you take your pet away for it to be sold to the supermarkets? No.

    The ALF team were alike radicalised vegans, Boon Jong-Hu funnily made them seem jokey with their comments of not eating and being…

  • Thunder Road

    Thunder Road


    This film was different, it was jumpy but that only matched his life and the uncertainty of it. The opening and closing (ish, i don’t wanna spoil) scenes went hand in hand to portray the circle of life. His life begun when another ended, but in juxtaposing journeys. I’d recommend this film, it’s dark but makes you think. It makes you realise people have their own shit, and you should consider that always. Jim Cummings was the man behind all of this film, man did good.