Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★½

Yet another mastpierece from the Coen Brothers, "Inside Llewyn Davis" is a nightmarish, hellish, story of a struggling folk singer, traveling around Greenwich Village. All this while still being able to be humorous, and satirical; this is the classic Coen formula. What seems to be a simplistic, and formulaic plot to begin with, the film pleasantly surprises audiences with some of the best cinematography i've seen in any film, an outstanding performance by lead actor Oscar Isaac, all topped off with one of the best direction jobs ever done by The Coen Brothers. Yes, this is unforgettable, and quite frankly, the epitome of masterful modern cinema; the film, ultimately, feeling real , as a result of the Directors apathy towards their imposing of their beliefs on the need for cynicism, and realism to be present within society.

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