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"Don't you think dreams and the Internet are similar? They are both areas where the repressed conscious mind vents."

Paprika could've been a disaster. The sheer amount of confusion alone, at times, seems to be overbearing. But thankfully, due to Satoshi Kon's magnificent crafting of this story, the film is a masterpiece. The mystery, ambiguity, the obscurity are all developed to perfection. The creepy and eerie atmosphere is done through the film evoking a sense of 'What the fuck is going on' in the audience. But, unlike most films of its sort, it provides an explanation for everything that occurs. Though when the film ends, you feel like you've still missed some points, Paprika ties up all the loose ends. Featuring one of the most intriguing stories to be brought to the screen (surely the most interesting animated film I've seen), the film never fails to entertain. Everything from the complex storyline, to the vibrant animation is done to PERFECTION. I know that I'm going to have to revisit this film sometime; it's an impossibility to have picked up on all the metaphorical messages, visual imagery, and pure genius of the film the first time presents.

Sure, Paprika isn't a film you can watch while you're half asleep. It's surely designed to do more than entertain. It's a film that makes you think about what's presented on screen, and often (generalization, I know), that's a rare thing to find. The film makes you think. But, if you're willing to watch a film which analyzes perceptions of guilt, greed, ethics, and the pursuit of happiness, Paprika is unquestionably captivating.

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