The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★½

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"I think I'm invincible... I don't think I can die!"

Buddy-cop films are hard to come by. How about on top of that, set out to find a good buddy-cop film. Only a few come to find - Lethal Weapon, 48 Hrs. Now, imagine Lethal Weapon on quaaludes - infused with sex, pornography, and neon-colouring. You got it? Well, now you got yourself a nice portrait of The Nice Guys, the newest directional effort by writer/director Shane Black.

From the opening credits, from the start of the film, we're acquainted with Holland March and Jackson Healy - two bad motherfuckers who, in the most unlikely of circumstances, cross paths. Soon, they're an inseparable team out to solve the disappearance of Amelia, and uncover an intricate web of lies and deception. As we tag along with The Nice Guys, we slowly get to learn their motivations, and their lives - never overshadowed though, by the lightning fast pacing which mixes action and comedy incredibly well. There hasn't been any film in recent years that tackles action-comedy quite as well as Black does with this film.

Perhaps the weirdest thing about this film are its iconic characters, portrayed by what seem like polar opposites - Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling. Yet, the two play off each other magnificently well. Better than Gibson and Glover. More iconic than Gibson and Glover. There's no guarantee that The Nice Guys will achieve the "classic" status of Lethal Weapon, but it damn well deserves it. It's rare to witness a film that you truly believe will stand the test of time - The Nice Guys is definitely one of those films.

What happens when you mix Lethal Weapon with Miami Connection, a little bit of Chinatown? You get The Nice Guys, which occasionally buries itself in absurd insanity, but only in emulation of its disoriented protagonists. The Nice Guys is one of my favourites of 2016, and I don't see it losing its spot. Funny, heartfelt and just a ton of fun, The Nice Guys is a great addition to the limited list of great buddy-cop films.

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