Stone Cold

Stone Cold ★★★★½

Movie marathon at Hexagore. Movie 3/6

Holy shit. Why was this a commercial flop and is this not better known. This definitely is one of the best action movies I have ever seen! This movie is just one giant masculine testosterone bomb. You immediately get thrown into great action and the movie never lets up... Boobs, Gunfights, boobs, bare chest fights, man throwing, boob jumpscares, explosions, explosions and more gunfights!

Why can’t they make action movies like this anymore. Great action, stunts, lots of real explosions and great bullet squibs instead of CGI shit. We get some really great performances from Lance Henriksen and William Forsythe. Our lead Brian Bosworth is very entertaining to watch as well. This really is one entertaining piece of work and this marathon is on a roll!

I’m not going to explain anything about this movie. Is great action, just go watch it!

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