Wai Ka-fai auteurism

Films whose primary creative voice i believe to be Wai Ka-fai.
Mostly based on confronting the movies he wrote for To (or co-directed with him) with the ones solely directed by Wai and the ones directed by To without Wai credited as writer. Common elements in Wai-written works seems to be: influence of Buddhist concepts, referential humor, tendency to be unsubtle both in satire and in sentimentality, interest in themes like fate, grief, and self-improvement.
I only listed movies i've actually watched, and i omitted the ones i'm not really sure about (so, for now, no Blind Detective and Wu Yen).
This project is obviously ongoing, and i intend to see all the Wai-written movies listed on lb, apart from…

  • Too Many Ways to Be No. 1
  • My Left Eye Sees Ghosts
  • Love on a Diet
  • Fantasia
  • Himalaya Singh
  • Fat Choi Spirit
  • Needing You...
  • The Shopaholics
  • Help!!!
  • Turn Left, Turn Right
  • Love for All Seasons
  • Romancing in Thin Air
  • The Odd One Dies
  • Running on Karma
  • Yesterday Once More