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  • Annihilation
  • Apocalypse Now
  • The Night of the Hunter
  • Pink Floyd: The Wall

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  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    Trench coating around town, Harrison fording around town, hunting skinjobs, living off Chinese vendors and booze. "It's the business".

    M. Emmet Walsh. William Sanderson. Together. In one film. M. Emmet is a god, and E.B. FARNUM! E.B. almost gets some Harley Quinn. They shack up together briefly. "Gosh, you really got some nice toys here."

    The sets of Blade Runner have to be...what? Best all time? Most luscious? Most industrially trippy? They are a treat in any case. Neon. The…

  • Klute



    I was out of my head not to rate this 5 stars the first time around.

    The scene when Jane Fonda tells the story about meeting an attractive older man, (for her client who is in older man), is absolutely magical. There's a very exotic score and words like "pagan" are used and the two of them combined make it all pretty spacey.

    This score and all timer. WOW. There are several very different sides to it, all equally great,…

Recent reviews

  • Prometheus



    There's plenty of films I love and respect more than this but none that has consistently occupied my mind more than Prometheus since my first viewing. It's a tumor at this point, and maybe always will be.

    It's been awhile and I was sort of scared to see this again thinking it could never live up to my daily musings but the good thing here is that while it's not 100% my vibe (only 99% haha) it would be hard…

  • Black Widow

    Black Widow


    I'm hoping that this, Winter Soldier, plus the other similar one I can't remember the name of, make a nice little series together with the upcoming Captain America. I hit major superhero slump after watching like 50 of these in a row but as far as stories like this and Winter Soldier goes, my tank is full. Love the mind control, espionage madness here. Johannsson and Pugh are great and lots of strong supporting roles too. I'll be coming back to this one.

Popular reviews

  • Roma


    So preoccupied with how it's shot, nothing much is being filmed. Sure, it looks great, but this is one hollow story.

    I'll try again in a few years, maybe I missed something vital, but as of right now, I think this is all cinematography and no story. It's very sterile. And when something does happen, it's not utilized well. You're shocking or saddened by it in the moment, then it's forgotten. For instance, the saddest part of this film to…

  • Mandy



    If George Miller dropped (more) acid and directed a Lord of the Rings side mission, it would look something like this.

    Well this had to have been one of my most anticipated films ever. Not to the feverish longing of Fury Road extent, that trailer put me off trailers for good. Mostly. I remember how daunting the year and a half seemed after seeing a glimpse of what thrills, what colors, Miller had cooked up.
    In a similar way, after…