Rumble Fish ★★★½

"These are rumble fish."

This film fascinates me, I've seen a handful like it and they seem to exist to leave you with specific feelings. This film bottles a mood of emptiness and yearning for the unknown. It does it very well, but at the end when it succeeds, you desperately want something and have no idea what it is.

Great looking film. You take this cast all about 16-22 years old and throw them in a B&W noir setting complete with vibrantly in-color fish popping up at random and good things happen.

Mickey Rourke is the definition of cool here, watch him amble around like a psych patient and mumble to himself and he is somehow the second coming of James Dean. Larger than life. That man in this picture, could swallow a building, no condiments either. Subtly scenery chewing.

One of the greatest family of actors in a film? Dennis Hopper, Mickey Rourke and Matt Dillion in one family. Damn.

Watching Tom Waits get asked to explain how you know if someone is crazy while he's fixing a broom, should be the right of every person on this earth.

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