Szamanka ★★

Okay so Zulawski is about impossible to get a hold of in America outside of Possession. The only way to watch his films is to buy them, but with how hellishly bonkers he is, blind buys are not comforting. So for this little beauty, I had to resort to YouTube and watch it in 360p quality, with terrible subtitles. So needless to say, it wasn't the easiest watch, but it was just supposed to be a screening test to see if it's worth owning.

I do not want to own this.

The horror elements I really dug, like they had me at hello with this set up, and I know his genre instincts are solid after Possession, and Diabel to a lesser extent, but wow. This is depravity of the Von Trier and Gaspar Noe level, neither of those two sit well with me and this didn't either. Like I'll say it again, truly an awesome set up for a horror film, and then 80% of the movie is used for perverse activities. What a waste.

EDIT: should I be worried that I did in fact blind buy one of his other films and it will be here tomorrow? If it is anything like this bullshit I'm donating it to Adult World and giving up on the rest of his filmography.

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