No Time to Die

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This review may contain spoilers.

Fizzy, dainty and deathly.

Well... looks like he had some fuckin time to die! No, in all seriousness the title having a twist meaning was great. “No Time to Die” = no good time to die. A fitting phrase considering Bond finally had a family and potential new life. 
Some of these scenes got me. When Madeleine sees her daughter again, those “I love you’s“ are so sweet. And the girl is fantastic! I never know how much really little kids are acting or just being themselves, but whatever she was doing it worked. 

I will admit, I know I’d have rated this higher if I’d seen more James Bond before this, but I still thought the movie was great. The middle section dragged a bit, with what felt like too much exposition, but I was pleasantly surprised with the not-overwhelming amount of fighting. 

They did a lot right here and it was definitely enough to get me to watch the rest of the James Bond movies. Daniel Craig doesn’t exactly wow me with his acting, but he knows how to play the character. That is clear. 

If you’re confused by the first sentence of this review don’t worry about it.