Pig ★★★

The setup to this film has Nicolas Cage playing a broken soul living in the woods outside Portland with his truffle-hunting pig. After the pig is stolen in the night, he goes on a mission to find him, and we gradually come to understand his backstory. While I loved the premise, I’m not sure I ever completely bought into the shadowy world of gourmet food sourcing that Cage’s character traipses through using his connections from 15 years before. The bizarre subterranean fight/punishment scene he endures didn’t help with that. At its best, he points out deep truths to other characters, like the devastation the next earthquake will bring, or how a chef isn’t cooking the pub food he’s passionate about, but instead pretentious fare for the upper crust. Unfortunately, the film itself gets a little ponderous and pretentious as it plays out in an unlikely way. At its core there something touching about seeking authenticity amidst pain and loss, and I wish it had explored this a little more, instead of following the mystery.

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