Midsommar ★★★★½

They weren't kidding when they said this is a breakup movie lol. Like Hereditary, absolutely killer atmosphere with a fantastic lead performance. Of course like with Hereditary people are gonna be all 'hurr sure it wasn't scary enough', Aster doesn't give you that left field wtf-ness like that car scene. It's all about the pervading sense and atmosphere of dread, drenched in sunlight. Ultimately telling a different story. Which brings us to Pugh, it's about her coming out of tragedy into her heightened own and getting out of the influence of other (stupid, American) men - much like Johnson's Suspiria character. Her emotional expressiveness in this is incredible, don't even need words, you feel it. Lastly I have a feeling Aster really took the whole 'people laughed at Hereditary' thing to heart because the amount of legit humour in this is shocking. Like with something out of Pinter or, more recently, TOO OLD TO DIE YOUNG, it finds levity in the awkwardness and strangeness.