Hugo ★★★★

Film #20/30 for May Scavenger Hunt #50!

From the director of family films like Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Raging Bull and The Departed, comes a film named Hugo. Pretty similar film in comparison to mentioned films. All jokes aside, kudos to Martin Scorsese for completely going out of his comfort zone while making this film.

I didn’t expect this to be a touching love letter to the films. It goes from basic kids’ film, to an emotional journey filled with film history. With every next minute, the film kept surprising me. I loved Jude Law in his cameo. That scene sets up emotional stakes, and the main character’s motivation for the upcoming events of the film. From that moment, we as an audience are getting attached to the main character. After some time, we get to know the history of one character. From that moment the film becomes a history lesson about the cinema, which I loved. The film referenced one of the most important events that happened throughout the history of the cinema. I didn’t know anything like that will be in it. When I found that’s going to be a thing in this film, I was thrilled.
From every technical aspect, this film is fantastic. Visual effects are gorgeous. I liked how they visually modernized France from the 20th century. It makes content about the film’s history appealing to the kids. The cinematography is astonishing. There are a few long takes that are gorgeous and very pretty to look at, especially the last scene of the film.

If you by any chance have kids, this is a great film to show them. They will enjoy it, and at the same time they will hear something about the history of the cinema.