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  • Vacation



    I learned something about myself thanks to this film. I learned that no matter how many critics praise or pan a film, I, like all of us, have my own movie going experiences and have only in common what I choose to absorb from fellow critics and movie goers. If we trust our instincts and press forward despite what the masses are offering as cannon fodder we may just find a small gem in the midst of the battle. I'd…

  • Interstellar



    In his most ambitious film to date, Christopher Nolan creates a flawed, yet beautiful piece of cinema. "Interstellar" transcends our collective imaginations with unique ideas, outrageous concepts, and undeniably prestine visuals. This is not a film for everyone. In fact, this film is almost something that should be read as a story. However vivid in spirit and haunting it may seem, at its core, if nothing else, pure heart.

    Nolan creates a "semi-futuristic" setting that seems believable for the most…