Blue Ruin ★★★½

I found this film to be a quiet, little revenge thriller that feels different than others of the same genre. Equipped with some decent characters, blood splatter, and even some emotional connection. It starts out fairly slow even for an artier film by Jeremy Saulnier who has done more shorts than full length features I believe. Still, its an effective film. Whether its due to the tone, the main character (played quite brilliantly by a fairly unknown Macon Blair) or the fact that its so straight forward from beginning to end.

The simple story reveals one secret after another in unique fashion by making the viewer have to pay particular attention to every spoken word. That's more difficult than you think because the dialogue comes few and far between at points. These revelations are what keep you guessing and keep you attentive for its otherwise short running time. I really love the setting and the way it plays such a roll in the overall story.

Though short, simple, and not all the intriguing, Blue Ruin captures a family squabble in a small town. An incident that doesn't reach any further than the town it all takes place. You could say its a nice little isolated story in an otherwise isolated town. The revenge come fitting from a human being completely incapable of doing what he does, until driven to do it.

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