The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

How to even begin to process this beautiful movie...

I really appreciate how this movie is unlike anything else Fincher has ever done. While every other one of his movies is cold, sharp, and thrilling, this one is warm, soft, and comforting. Really, the only way I could have guessed without knowing he directed it is moments of the cinematography, but there's something about the way this movie feels that's so unique from his entire filmography for me.

The sheer ambition it took to take this on from everybody involved is truly amazing and the definition of movie magic. Every single actor manages to age, not only in makeup but in their demeanor. The technology and makeup work together so well, especially how they manage to age Cate at the end. Taraji P. Henson definitely gets a spot on my list of favorite Oscar nominations of all time, and I love how the Academy recognized her for how genuinely amazing she is in this movie. I can't even wrap my head around how good Brad Pitt is at playing a person getting younger, which there are really no reference points for, and how he manages to convincingly go through the struggles of being young and elderly simultaneously.

I love the use of the conversation with her daughter as a framing device, all of the call-backs to earlier moments (the hands on the piano, the "goodbye, Benjamin"), and the great voiceovers from Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. As weird as it is, my favorite moment of the whole movie is when it revisits every person from Benjamin's life and talks about how special they all are. This is so cheesy, but this movie is just such a meaningful reminder of how magical it is to be alive. I love movies!

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