Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ½

adhd cinema; felt like i had a set of keys jangled in front my face for two and a half hours. would have honestly much preferred watching some funny family guy clips instead, as those would have at least made me giggle a lil bit. 

could have easily written this off as “not really my thing,” but the occasional stabs at corny pathos 2 try and get me in my feels pushed this over the edge into active hate. oh wait, you mean 2 tell me this marvel-adjacent crock of shit is actually about generational trauma? spare me. get those nasty-looking hot dog fingers out my face and plz never show me another movie by these two losers again. put “everything” on your bagel and kindly shove it. 

kinda wild this flick is rated r, since the target demographic seems to be 12 year olds.

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