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  • Blackmail



    -Have you decided which one you want to buy?

    -Which one will you recommend?

    (picks up gun)
    -"You must be really happy today."
    Glock 210...Austrian.
    (hands over gun)
    Mr. Bachchan used it in the film 'Deewar'.
    2 lakhs only.

    -Huh? (sets gun down)

    -(picks next gun up)
    "What's your name Basanti?"

    -(nods) Sholay.

    -The Colt 1851...American.
    Mr. Bachchan used this to kill Sambha.
    150,000 only

    -(quickly sets down gun)

    (picks up last gun and points)
    "Honor. Tradition! Discipline.

  • Robin Hood

    Robin Hood


    Death By Film Scavenger Hunt

    Sir Hiss was my fave. As penance, my bf will be bankrolling a Sir Hiss-starring vehicle to make up for his LIES (that there was already a Sir Hiss follow-on to this).

    ETA: My boyfriend was very sweet and got me a Sir Hiss Funko Pop for Valentine's Day in 2021. I love it, of course, but he's still a little scamp. <3

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  • Cruella



    I originally mainly wanted to check this out for the costumes, which I was a bit underwhelmed with except with some of Cruella's looks - I thought they could've gone a bit more out there. But I'm glad I watched this so I could be introduced to Buddy the puppy and Wink. They were fucking adorable and I had to give an extra half star for their preciousness.

    But otherwise, I think as Disney cash-grabs go, this was pretty good…

  • Shadow in the Cloud

    Shadow in the Cloud


    You know, this movie has a very rocky backstory, but I think it's a case of lemonade being made out of some lemons. In a strange way, I think this would be an interesting double feature with Beanpole (2019), although that is set post WWII. But it definitely has some overarching (spoiler) themes. This one just leans heavily in the typical Hollywood war action film genre, but with some fresh-feeling twists.

    I loved all the historical film reel footage at the end of this.

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