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  • Hustlers
  • A Patch of Blue
  • Judy
  • Daughters of the Dust
  • Calamity Jane

2020: 52x Directed/Edited/Filmed/Written by Women

136 films

What I've watched in 2020 that's been directed, edited, filmed, composed and/or written by women (see notes for roles).

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire
  • Lemonade
  • 13th
  • The Second Mother
  • The Beaches of Agnès
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Over the Garden Wall
  • When They See Us
  • National Theatre Live: Fleabag
  • A Dog's Will

Written by Women

14,616 films

This list is for scripts or source material written or co-written by women. Recs welcome!

Be sure to check out…

  • Newly Rich
  • #FriendButMarried
  • Sweet 20
  • Kulari Ke Pantai
  • When Will You Get Married?

Edited by Women

3,408 films

What it says on the tin. Edited/co-edited by women. Recs welcome!

Be sure to check out my other lady-centric lists:…

  • Viceroy's House
  • Mr. Roosevelt
  • Black Field
  • The Wedding Party
  • Marie Antoinette

Directed by Women

11,957 films

This list is for movies, shorts, or mini-series directed or co-directed by women. Recs welcome!

Be sure to check out…

  • Eraserhead
  • The Thing
  • Zero Dark Thirty
  • The French Connection
  • Lifeboat

Showdown Challenge (Ongoing)

107 films

Saw this and it looked like fun.

Original? list:

Pick an unwatched movie from the Top 20 of each…

  • Johnny Guitar
  • The Wind
  • The Rider
  • Westward the Women
  • Buck and the Preacher

Wild West Summer 2020

25 films

Join here:

Progress: 5/25

Tag: wild west summer 2020

My father loved westerns, so I thought I'd try my…

  • Farewell My Concubine
  • Agatha Christie: A Life in Pictures
  • Theatre of Blood
  • A Warm December
  • Ballets Russes

Netflix DVD Queue

281 films

Netflix DVD queue

Netflix Horror:

Missing from Letterboxd:

Class 101 (Taika Waititi) Inspector Morse 28: Twilight of the…

  • American Animals
  • Inception
  • National Theatre Live: Fleabag
  • D.E.B.S.
  • Donnie Darko

Chopping Down the Watchlist Challenge

33 films

If anyone else with a crazy-large watchlist wants to join in, feel free!

I have a stupidly large watchlist that…

  • Airport
  • Simple Simon
  • Good Morning Miss Dove
  • Yellow
  • Teeth


95 films

  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Chernobyl
  • Samsara
  • Magnetic Rose
  • American History X

Composed by Women / Women Lyricists

316 films

Also includes a few lyricists

  • Carol
  • The Babadook
  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire
  • Saving Face
  • Imagine Me & You

House Carol Watchlist (Ongoing)

39 films

For House Carol at the Film Club on Discord.

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