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  • The Blue Hour

    The Blue Hour


    Don’t accidentally turn this movie off during the six minutes of opening credits over a sunset & crashing waves. Pixie-faced voluptuary Anne Chapman (FINDERS KEEPERS LOVERS WEEPERS!) is into composting & traumatic flashbacks. She’s found a handsome & prospect-positive divorcee that doesn’t have a problem with her past. Unfortunately for them both, she does. An avant-garde approach to the editing mixes Chapman’s history into her now in a lively way. The tone seems to stumble between outright camp & earnest but tawdry psycho-sexual fun…

  • Bahía blanca

    Bahía blanca


    This film is chock full of casually beautiful shots.

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  • Teenage Exorcist

    Teenage Exorcist


    I couldn’t even get through this movie 15-20 years ago when I initially tried to watch it (only because it was double-featured with the great DEATHMASTER on DVD). It’s wonderful to see how my tastes have progressed...
    Corndog hash & cheese soup.
    I liked it better than REPOSSESSED & am charmed to some extent by both.
    Let’s hear it for cinema!

  • 3 from Hell

    3 from Hell


    After nearly fifteen years, Zombie has reopened the Firefly file. Mostly set ten years after the original, (making it 1988 for those who’ve stopped counting) this violent, foul-mouthed, band-on-the-run flick is really no surprise, whether you like it or wanna leave it. I’m a big fan of Zombie’s work, even when I’m not sure I like it. I love these characters & the actors that the man gathers around him are a treat to watch. The opening is a collection of…