After Hours

After Hours ★★★★

Where did this come from? A one-crazy-night comedy from Scorsese? If the genre is surprising the quality is not. Scorsese could make any style well.

It's not overtly funny but there's a hectic momentum and an endless stream of off-beat characters and situations that just make it a fun ride. When the camera zooms in on phones and faces it does it with amusing ferocity. The fast-motion that is used at times looks a bit silly but overall it looks like a Scorsese New York thriller. Many of the characters also appear to inhabit Scorsese's New York, but the protagonist's context and the frenetic pace make them comedic.

One thing that could have been annoying is that there are so many setups that never pay off. So many details and interactions end up being nothing, and it feels totally right. The callbacks that occur are pretty vague but gives the story a bit of a circular appearance, as if later events were paid off in the beginning.