Suspiria ★★★

Oddly, my favorite dance scene on this rewatch might have been when Susie is auditioning without any music. The scenes that tried to depict the fluidity and passion of dancing while also advancing the goals of the horror film ended up feeling like one element was diluting the other.

I love this film so much more in its concept than in its actuality. I'm just not sure what Kajganich thought he was doing with Klemperer and having the character be played by Swinton makes him even more distracting. There is one scene where the character works perfectly, where Klemperer makes his appeal to Mia Goth's Sara over a slice of pie in a cafe, but for the rest, instead of Klemperer's role (with his potential to either save the day or end up another victim) enhancing the drama, it just seems like another case of divided intentions.

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