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  • Death House

    Death House


    Death House a.k.a Gonna Tell My Kids This Was A Horror Con actually exceeded my expectations. After hearing for years about its green screen love, I figured it would be one of the microbudget, visually unappealing total green screen movies that just aren't my thing. So seeing actual bland warehouse settings was a personal blessing. Rating this because Barbara Crampton randomly shows up periodically through 66% of the film and the film restrained itself by not automatically putting Danielle Harris…

  • The Horror of Party Beach

    The Horror of Party Beach


    Some great dancing, cool cinematography and rubber monster suits are a winning formula every time. Gives me vibes of Humanoids and that's all I can really ask for in these o.g. monster movies.

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  • American Ninja 2: The Confrontation

    American Ninja 2: The Confrontation


    Pure uncut Cannon right here. Every character from the American Ninja himself to the old man that winks at the camera when the plane lands at the beginning is full of charm. Dripping with 80's and I believe rating anything with Steve James in it below a 4 could lead to criminal prosecution.

  • Skyline



    Honestly not as bad as I remembered it being. Needs a reboot with Jaystation stuck in his apartment though.