Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★★★½

Spider-Man: Far From Home is, in my opinion, a step up from Homecoming. Don't get me wrong; I really like Homecoming, but Far From Home features a better villain in Mysterio, played brilliantly by Jake Gyllenhaal, a slightly more engaging narrative, and so many exciting action scenes.

There are definitely some screenplay issues, mainly surrounding the logic and believability of certain events, but I am always thoroughly entertained by the film.

Right from the outset, I loved seeing how Peter was dealing with the death of Tony Stark, and it was fascinating to see the ramifications that the snap caused. The film even took the time to explore how the people who were alive during the five years aged up, but the people who were snapped away came back the same age as when they left, and this just added a really interesting dynamic to the narrative.

There is so much I love about Spider-Man: Far From Home, but, at the end of the day, my love for the film comes down to the fact that I adore the character of Mysterio and the narrative that the director, Jon Watts, managed to create around everyone was compelling from start-to-finish.

Even though Avengers: Endgame felt like the proper ending to the Infinity Saga, Spider-Man: Far From Home is the epilogue that we needed and it delivered in almost every way. With a jaw-dropping ending and plenty for Spider-Man fans to love, I can't recommend it enough.

Score: 90%

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