Almost Famous ★★★★★

I fucking love this film. I remember the first time I saw it, I was only a young teen - similar in age to William - collecting records, listening to my favourite punk bands and wishing I could do what William was doing. It was my perfect coming-of-age film. As I got older and re-watched it countless times, it all begins to make more and more sense. This film is like your favourite album, captivated when you listen to it the first time but holds up on repeating listening, learning something new every time. Even when the record goes back into the sleeve and gathers dust, you somehow always keep coming back to it. It's reminiscent.

Not only is a great coming-of-age story, dealing with popularity, which plagued most of us through our awkward teen years but also shows so much about relationships. It's a film that is not only critical about bands and celebrity status but also of all the people involved. Yes, this includes your favourite band, it also includes you. The idealisation of our heroes. Crowe teaching an important lesson through William, who doesn't lap up the egos or the lifestyle but learns to love and respect in equal measure.

Every performance is outstanding and feels genuine, the highlights are our brief encounters with both Francis McDormand and the late, great Philip Seymour Hoffman who despite being from different ends of the spectrum, assist William, imparting advice which aren't too far apart.

Cameron Crowe has created an almost perfect film and one which I will no doubt watch again and again. I just need to make sure it doesn't gather so much dust next time.

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