hot dad movies


kanye 53 films

movies where a female character comes down with A Mysterious Illness


kanye 8 films

Wholesome, Gentle Movie Classics the Whole Family Can Enjoy In Which Our Heroes' Happy Ending Is Punctuated by the Ringing of a Bell, the Symbolic Significance of This Having Been Explicitly Discussed Earlier in the Film

Those Eyebrows

Those Eyebrows 2 films

movies in which a primate comforts a person in a bar about a lost love

Steve G 🐝

Steve G 🐝 2 films

film posters where colin farrell looks terribly, terribly sad and i relate

Isabelle 💫

Isabelle 💫 15 films

movies where a dark haired young man with stability issues has a crush on his best friend brad pitt who represents another more confident and sexual side of himself and ends up shooting him in the head

movies only 40 something heterosexual slightly overweight men with more hair on their chins (all three of them)than on their heads and who cry themselves to sleep every night cuddling beer bottles are allowed to have an opinion about.


DirkH 2 films

where emma stone leaves her boyfriend during dinner for ryan gosling


zenon 3 films

white men whose characters' names start with j, shoot at people, and carry a gun in their movie posters

shay loise

shay loise 42 films

movies with TWO jake gyllenhaals!


juliez 3 films