The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★

The Nice Guys is a story about a girl named Holly. Holly lives with her dad that suffers from alcoholism, bad morale and a lack of mint eating skills.

It isn't all bad though, becuase, Holly finds her dad's line of work kind of exciting and fun. So much fun that she can see herself being a private eye one day. She also likes his new friend. Sure, he can be a little rough sometimes, but she can see that he has a good heart.

While her dad and his new friend investigate a complicated case, Holly realizes that if something is going to get done properly out on the field, she has to help them. So while her dad gets drunk and literally falls into leads, and his friend gets into fights, she does some real detective work...

... and that's kind of how the story goes.

I wasn't at all that impressed with The Nice Guys as the majority of people here seem to be. Sure, it's respectfully laid back (most of the time) compared to other films in its genre and the characters (and acting) is pretty much spot on, but I guess I've just started to grow tired of these kinds of characters (except for Holly, bring me more Hollys) And I knew that I'd grown tired of these kinds of movies a long time ago, so a three star rating is actually a really good one from me.

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