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This review may contain spoilers.

My possible interpretations of this movie:

- Winslow is in Hell for his crimes and is condemned to suffer the events of the film for all eternity.
- It's a symbolic retelling of the story of Prometheus, with the lighthouse being the fire of the gods.
- Winslow is a symbol of the American worker rising up against the capitalistic Wake.
- The lighthouse is home to an ancient cosmic horror capable of driving anyone who views it insane.
- Wake and Winslow are the same person.
- Wake is an avatar of the primordial sea god Proteus, and Winslow offends him, causing him to be cursed for eternity.
- Everything in this movie happens literally, but there really are gods and marine spirits in the world, making all of the curses literal.
- Everything happens literally except for the magic, meaning this is a story of Winslow's descent into insanity.
- They're both super drunk.

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