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Moonbathing as an existential reverence to the inescapable encroachment of death.

While The Tree of Life (2011) offers an eye-opening look at the dawn of time via the prism of the human person, Melancholia on the other hand wrestles with the spiritual and intellectual questions regarding faith and man’s place in the universe as it also exposes an excruciating insight on the human condition, vividly exhibiting the destruction of life with an operatic allure and an unsparing finale.

The film begins with hopelessness and ends with the same sentiment. The narrative offers no escape to both its characters and to the imminent mortality of man. It begins with the end, showing the merciless pit of despair and concludes everything with none other than extinction, arrayed in a deafening dissonance of terrestrial clamors and a crescendo of strings.

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