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  • Neerja



    I knew this movie would be emotional, and yet I still wasn't properly prepared for just how bittersweet and beautiful Shabhana Azmi's speech at the end would be. A heart-pounding, intense build-up; followed by a gorgeous, delicately crafted finale.
    Sonam Kapoor really *inhabited* the role of Neerja Bhanot; breathed new life into her the memory of her buoyant, steadfast personality. There's not a wasted scene in the film; or a moment that feels unnecessary.

  • Swades



    How have I gotten so far without seeing this incredible movie? Absolutely one of the best Hindi movies I've seen. An incredible story with stirring emotions and thought-provoking ideas, which are as impactful today as they were when this movie first came out over 10 years ago.
    Just as in Dil Se, Shahrukh Khan's sweet love story and family drama, while beautiful, becomes overshadowed by more pressing and immediate troubles as he comes to realize the sad state of affairs…