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  • Con Air

    Con Air


    Pretty enjoyable considering that it knows what it is the whole time. Prefer this to THE ROCK or anything else Michael Bay.

  • Oldboy


    I got this spoiled for me a few years ago right when I was getting into Korean cinema. Thought to myself that I would eventually watch it when I forgot what happened. Little did I know that I would not forget this story over time. Park Chan-wook is the king of shock factor, and through that shock factor, he is able to create something impactful. It gets under your skin. The most important out of the trilogy. What does vengeance…

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  • Run



    Very similar to MISERY. This feels more Hitchcockian than that though. MISERY is a borderline comedy, while this packs a punch. Brilliant camera work as well, from what I can tell, there are some stitched shots that look seamless. Shoutout to Aneesh because I have a feeling he'll be making great movies for as long as he wants. Wish I could've watched this on Mother's Day with my mom. We want an action movie next!

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I forgot how artsy this was. Didn’t realize how bold and idiosyncratic Star Wars could be. Rian Johnson’s films are always different and bold, but there is always a sloppiness to them. Not a messy or unattractive sloppiness, but the kind that geniuses show. Like Einstein messing up a PEMDAS question. When people outside the “film community” watch movies like this, they are so confused. They want fan service and satisfaction over everything. That’s my theory to why there’s such disagreeement on this film.