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  • Bends



    Very intelligent movie and great character study. A very mature take on one-child policy and people suffered ftom it. Chen kun again proved that he is one of the finest and most versatile actor of china. This is was his best acting till date. Amazing❤

  • Love and Other Cults

    Love and Other Cults


    This film was long overdue in my backlogs. The writing could've been better. Film felt unfocused a bit and the blame is on lazy writing. Instances of rape was unnecessary and made the movie a bit distasteful. I liked kenta as the character and love the inclusion of black person that wasn't racially stereotyped. The film should've focused more on Ai's character as she was interesting and Sairi Itoh played it brilliantly. Loved to see her more in the future works. (Half star more for her).

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  • Confessions



    It's my second time watching it and I am blown by it again. MASTERPIECE

  • Disobedience



    A beautiful film bogged down by some some unnecessary and boring sequences. Rachel McAdams's performance was magnificent as she portrayed her character with such layered acting. I loved her the most when she was humming to "Lovesong" which was perfect song inclusion for this movie. I wanted more but satisfied by the duo performances.