A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★½

A Nightmare of Elm Street is the zeitgeist of 1980s horror flicks. For the most part, it's pretty intelligible how this film stood the test of time as one of the greatest cult classics ever made. Freddy Krueger definitely is not your typical textbook villain, equipped with staggering sly and intelligence. Sure, Krueger might be the former, adjoined with his terrifying knife fingers and slashed out face, but what polarizes him from the rest is his territory--inside people's dreams. Outside of them, he is powerless and merely reliant on people's energy.

This film could easily stand out as both a horror and a psychological thriller genre. In addition to that, this could even be passable as a comedy flick. Although some scenes gave me a few good laughs, it is interesting how A Nightmare on Elm Street purposefully incorporates how we are very much in control of ourselves and our destiny. Nancy, the archetypal teenager whose former disposition was that of a helpless, powerless gal, ultimately shed that skin when confronted by her nemesis Freddy Krueger. Bearing the Balinese way of dreaming taught to her by Glen, she ultimately faced her greatest fear by being in control of the situation and taking back the energy Freddy sucked away from her.

As for the ending, it's still very nuanced for me. I'd have to read off some articles and reviews to somehow be given clarity. However, everything was great. This film is definitely one for the books.

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