The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises ★★★★

It's a letdown coming from TDK and suffers from the usual Nolan problems (exposition dumps about some McGuffin, some easily avoidable plot holes, too many shifts in one scene from film print to IMAX, and Christian Bale's horrible and funny Batman performance, Hardy's funny voice-- seriously it was like watching kids argue with made-up voices)
But having said all that, the film manages to feel epic and emotional. Michael Caine, Oldman, and Freeman carry the emotional weight for me. Also, Gordon-Levitt and Hathaway are pretty good.
It isn't a good Batman movie or a masterpiece film in general but it's a good one. That "rise" scene still shakes me to my bones. And not to mention ZIMMER.

Watched with Ari and Aidin

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