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My film BORING. A DAY IN THE LIFE now available to watch on YouTube.

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    My film is now available to watch on YouTube. You can find the link in my Bio.

    Call it a Stoner Comedy or a Satire. The intention behind BORING. A DAY IN THE LIFE is to give the audiences a very unique cinematic experience, but at the same time not take itself too seriously.

    It is a filmmaking experiment made without much of a budget or any creative constraints; whether you relate to it or not, it is a film…

  • Certain Women

    Certain Women


    The last 50 minutes of Certain Women is some of the dreamiest yet heartbreaking pieces I've seen.

    The dreamy pauses, the haunting silences..

    Kristen Stewart is one of the most hypnotic and mesmerising screen actors in my opinion and her performance in this film is one of her best ever. Very few actors are able to do so much by doing so little. Every subtle gesture she makes, the physical acting she does with her lips and hands, the pure…

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  • Boogie Nights

    Boogie Nights


    "See this system here? This is Hi-Fi... high fidelity. What that means is that it's the highest quality fidelity."

  • System Crasher

    System Crasher


    Helena Zengel as Benni is one of the most raw and unbridled performances I've seen.

    Even though you have a problematic character, it's hard to look past the infectious energy of the child - absolutely uncontrolled, unhinged and full of zest, one that can only be contained by sparse moments of genuine affection.

    Benni's voice echoing in the hills, shouting for her mother is devastating to watch. She is unhealed yet violent, passionate and intense yet tender and powerful yet weak, all at the same time. There's a certain euphoria you feel watching her struggle, as tragic as it may be.

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  • Kajillionaire



    Probably the best film I've seen in 2020.

    Whether it's Evan Rachel Wood's absolutely breathtaking performance or the stunning score by Emile Mosseri that'll immediately sweep you off your feet, KAJILLIONAIRE is a pure cinematic experience.

    Treat yourself with this one, there are scenes so uniquely crafted that your soul and subconscious mind will thank you.

    Miranda July is a special human.

  • Happiest Season

    Happiest Season


    A lot of people seem to be having a go at Harper. Harper this, Harper that..
    On one side you want a realistic take on the subject while at the same time dissing what is the most realistic character in the film.
    Harper is a reflection of most of us and that offends people maybe.
    In my opinion, a lot of people would react similarly to how she did, people get weird around their parents, happens all the time.