Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts ★★★★★

This absolute masterpiece crept into my awareness via the delightful Twitch of the Death Nerve podcast episode on "nature run amok" movies. This may be the king of them all. For reasons too hilarious to get into here, zoo animals (and 10-year-olds) are terrorizing the streets of what we're made to think is Berlin (it's actually a combination of Johannesburg and Rome). Yes, random zoo animals are just taking people out, and because it's an Italian production, safety regulations are LAX. Wanna see a room full of 3rd graders confronted by an ACTUAL polar bear? Check. No fences here. How's about a cheetah burning down the streets of Berlin/Rome? We gotcha. Tiger on the subway? Let's do it. The (dubbed) English dialog is hilarious, the attacks frighteningly realistic (and may actually be real in some cases), and the ending looks like they just ran out of money and walked away.

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