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Very very few directors have an even remotely similar level of mastery with the camera that Gallo holds here in this film. I can't believe I've never paid full attention to it before, but every piece of camerawork in this film is utterly divine. Some wonderful examples being the beautiful slow dolly which introduces Ricci to the film, or the elegant truck left and right through the restaurant where we see Gallo and Ricci enter, sit down, truck right to the waiter, continue as we follow the waiter walk away, enter Wendy Balsalm and her husband. As well each piece of handheld photography combined with his playfully use of focus makes for some of the most powerful and effective filmmaking I've ever seen. That bathroom scene (not the first one lol) makes my jaw drop every time i see it. Once the story took a slight backseat, and I focused purely on the cinematography, I was blown away.

Speaking of the story however; next to Paris Texas as the greatest script ever written. Gallo here has crafted cinema's most layered, broken, human, disgusting, and yet still redeemable character. His arc is perfect, each step feels completely organic and literally unnoticeable until its staring you right in the face. Gallo's mesmorizing performance as well greatly assists this thanks to his gradually decreasing vocal inflections and posture. In a similar vein the story is paced so well, just as one begins to wonder where it's going, an end goal is set and grounds the film at the most perfect time. As well just the pure level of detail infused into each moment, setting, or random background detail such as his mom yelling, "get up off the street you're nothing", or a sign in the background reading "share your life", or when the pivotal decision in the film is made the camera pans down to reveal one of the strippers wearing a sparkly high heel. It blows my mind how many fucking topics this covers, even on this watch this watch I was finding new interpretations. This film is so original, so inventive, so important, so inspirational, so experimental, it means everything to me. I feel this film in my heart. And with a soundtrack containing the greatest jazz song ever written, fucking Yes and King Crimson, and a absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful original score, how could I not love this. Each time I watch this I think, "wow that is unbelievably good" and then overtime I convince myself it's not as good as I thought. This time I'm finally saying to myself, "yes, this is just as much a masterpiece as you think it is, it is genius in every single sense of the word, literally perfect"

Fun Fact: My dad really enjoyed this movie?

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