Manhunter ★★★★

Tom Noonan? More like Tom Morning Noonan Night, AMIRITE GUYS?! But seriously, the man is a treasure and an absolute fucking creeper in, well…everything he does. If only he had a REAL director like Brett Ratner at the helm, this thing could have been stratospheric!

Anyway, it’s Mannhunter, what do you want me to say? Saw it on sale for 5 bucks on iTunes and finally got around to that rewatch as  it’s been well over a decade, and guess what?

It’s good. Shocker, I know. Is it Mann’s best? Not even close for me. But let’s be honest, even “lower tier” Mann is better than some directors entire careers, so it is what it is. Love Cox as Lector(Mads still the GOAT, miss me with that Hopkins shit), love seeing Stephen Lang as a young pup, and I LOVE Petersen(who is a complete nutjob in this) SPRINTING through a glass window like some sort of deranged Kool Aid Man. I hope to be able to do that at LEAST once in my lifetime… 

Anyway. It’s Mannhunter, what the fuck you want from me?

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