Saw II

Saw II ★★★

This one was my favorite in the series for a good while; I personally think it has the most effective twist of any of the movies, the cast of characters is pretty great, it introduced us to the Bousman style that would go on to define the series, and the traps became more sophisticated and nasty from the original. The sickly green hue that assaults everything was fairly fresh at this point, and seeing Donnie Wahlberg as the deadbeat dad/scumbag detective blew my young mind.

The traps are all pretty good, with the infamous needle pit being of course the most well known; the furnace trap confuses me: how exactly could Obi have won that? By not taking the syringe for one of the others? What’s the lesson exactly? Be selfish? Bugged the shit out of me this go around, but maybe im daft and missed something. The box with the razor arm holes is pretty nasty, but I almost find the reverse fly trap that opens the movie to be the worst: the way the guy just can’t bring himself to slice under his eye, and desperately screams for help before the trap slams shut on his head really sets the tone and lets you know what you’re in for.

As stated, the twist is the best in the series as far as I’m concerned; everything from the reveal that they have the combination tattooed collectively on the back of their necks through to the realization that the security footage is recorded and not live, and finally the knockout blow that Wahlbergs son is in the safe: Jaw dropping that first time through!

Saw 2 is still a banger all these years later: probably top 3 in the series for me. That just leaves 3 to revisit, which should be something! 

One star removed for the shameful lack of Hoffman!

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