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  • Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace

    finally was able to sit down and finish this. I wasn’t able to finish it before because honestly it hurt my heart knowing Aretha wasn’t around anymore. Aretha Franklin is EASILY my favorite artist to ever walk the face of the earth. she was able use her voice is so many different and beautiful ways I hadn’t seen any other artists do. this documentary/performance really showed and displayed that idea very accurately. 

    by the time this thing was over I…

  • On the Count of Three

    On the Count of Three


    you know how back in 2017 everyone had lady bird ? yeah this is MY lady bird. 
    a brilliant directorial debut from jerod and a FANTASTIC performance from christopher. 
    the chemistry that these two shared on screen was so fun and great to see. shows that true friendship is something we all need.
    god the way I was able to relate to this SO MUCH. depression, anxiety and suicide is tough thing to deal with so seeing this be talked about on the screen in a dark comedic way, felt oddly comforting to me.

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  • Moonstruck



    you look after me.” 
    will I ever know what love feels like ? probably not

  • Dear Evan Hansen

    Dear Evan Hansen


    well there’s a lot that can be said, but I will just keep it brief. 

    too long, cringe dialogue, atrocious editing, and just not good. I went into this with a clear head and open mind. I ignored the criticism it’s been getting, but I couldn’t agree more with all of that criticism. 

    I never saw the play or heard anything about the play, but I would honestly rather preferred that than this. 

    Ben Platt. I see you reachin, but you’re honestly so far away.

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  • Allen v. Farrow

    Allen v. Farrow

    going to update this when the series is over but for now my thoughts are 

    woody must D*E

  • Candyman



    this was pretty damn good. I just really wished it was longer, but other than that i’m really impressed with Nia and her sense of direction with this. it was scary, eerie and smart. need Nia to direct more horror movies. 

    also I really fucking loved the cinematography. shit was excellent.