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  • Into the Unknown: Making Frozen II

    Into the Unknown: Making Frozen II


    A phenomenal look inside the workings of WDAS, very pleased with how this was presented (barring some weird colour grading issues) but just really encapsulates the scope of how many people are involved in such a project and the euphoric joy of seeing it finished. Better than the movie itself if I’m being perfectly honest.

  • The Kid

    The Kid


    Part of the Films to See Before You're 25 Challenge #40

    It dawned on me about two-thirds of the way through my viewing of The Kid that it is now 100 years old. A whole century.

    I think the reason this was such a jarring revelation to me, as I sat on my couch Chromecasting the film from my iPhone onto my 4K TV through the Criterion streaming service, was because the film still feels new. It was my first…

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  • Her



    Her is Spike Jonze's way of telling us he has matured as a filmmaker. I was one of those people who didn't enjoy Being John Malkovich all that much, it just got too weird too fast. I have yet to see Adaptation but Where The Wild Things Are really impressed me. However it's hard to argue that it wasn't long, because it was. You can't really justify a 10 sentence book being turned into a two-hour movie. But with Her,…

  • The Lego Movie

    The Lego Movie


    To call The Lego Movie the best animated film of the year is premature, but I cannot see anything else surpassing this in terms of creativity, originality and thematic elements that even kids will understand.

    The Lego Movie is awesome. Everything is indeed awesome. Well, mostly. The story of The Lego Movie is that President Business is trying to destroy the world and its up to Emmett, a seemingly ordinary dude to become The Special and save the world. In…