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  • Parasite



    What an absolute accomplishment of cinema. I really don't have much to say. Everything you seen on why this film is so good has been stated elsewhere, but if you haven't seen it yet then this is an ultimate recommendation.

  • Anaconda



    Make no mistake this movie is total cheese. But its also the type of cheese I loved and grew up with so it will always have a special place in my heart

    Also, Jon Voight ham is delicious. That needs to be stated.

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  • Zodiac



    "Zodiac" isn't a film that relies on gore to add layers of dread across to the film, instead David Fincher opts for quiet dialogue and accuracy to the true story "Zodiac" is based off of. The result is one of the most unsettling experiences I ever had with a film, elevated further by some of the best editing and direction I may have ever witness in film. The performances from the cast, especially from it's leads are also spectacular, and those near 3-hours fly by. Easily David Fincher's most overlooked film and one of his finest works.

  • Where the Dead Go to Die

    Where the Dead Go to Die


    So what did I learn from watching this film? Well, a few things actually.

    1. I need to gain the ability to say no to seeing any film that receives extremes hatred overall. I know it doesn't correlate with my positive nature, but I need to start making exceptions

    2. Therapy is on my need to do list.

    3. For those aspiring to wanting to be a writer of dark comedy, remember that you are writing a comedy with a…