Parasite ★★★★★

ok WOW i thought i was ready for this film. i wasn’t. it’s spectacular, i sincerely do not know if i can sum it up in words right now. the experience of watching it felt like a rollercoaster (my legs were practically shaking by the end), i really haven’t felt the way i did leaving the cinema today in a long time. it’s witty, it’s entertaining, it’s tense—i was genuinely enthralled—but most importantly; it’s a heart wrenching window into the damage caused by systemic inequality and a society marred by classism. the characters are complex, you can’t entirely root for the main family but you also can’t resist longing for some kind of cosmic justice on their behalf. their lived experiences are inseverable from the decisions they make and why they make them, and no matter the level of hardship a viewer has endured, there is an intrinsic relatability to the human desire for respect that’s prevalent throughout. not to mention, the transition from dark comedy into psychological thriller was succinct and yet perfectly paced, the build up was fantastic and climax sent me spiralling (in a good way).

overall, a super strong recommend, and i’d advise going in with as little foreknowledge as possible!

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