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  • Ocean's Twelve

    Ocean's Twelve


    Peaks at about 3/4 through with a slightly flat ending but this was otherwise a ton of fun.

  • Aquaman



    Pretty terrible but also wonderfully camp. The finale is visually insane, give me more of this nonsense please.

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  • Once Upon a Time in the West

    Once Upon a Time in the West


    I'd somehow gone 31 years without watching this so it was a real pleasure to see it at the cinema this evening, a masterpiece in every respect.

    I haven't seen a Leone film for years (I saw the Dollars Trilogy in my teens) and what really struck me was the phenomenal sound design; so many of the best scenes are punctuated by ambient and background noises rather than Morricone's (admittedly fantastic) score.

    A joy to watch, there were so many times I had a wide grin on my face - one of those rare films where everything just feels right.

  • Taken 2

    Taken 2

    Believe the hype, this is a BAD film. I went in as a lover of the first, slightly drunk and with low expectations, and was still disappointed.

    The script is horrendously clunky (did you know Bryan's daughter is taking driving lessons? Wonder if that will come up again?), the action is 12A anaemic and almost impossible to follow in how it's edited and filmed - it's probably the worst offender for this of recent memory. I saw the Raid again…