Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★½

After a second viewing of THE LAST JEDI, the biggest surprise for me is that my overall feelings on the film barely changed, despite going into it with lowered expectations and having accepted the direction Ryan Johnson takes the franchise. As I’ve said many times, it wasn’t the fact that the Star Wars formula was strayed from, it was how it was executed that I had issues with. It’s no surprise to me that the film has received such a polarising response from fans.

After watching THE FORCE AWAKENS, I was excited to see more from Finn and Poe, but I don’t think TLJ does either of them justice. Whilst Poe has an interesting arc, this arc was driven by a repetitive and forced storyline. Then we get to Finn who was given no arc at all and his entire involvement in the narrative was some of the weakest parts of the film.

I still believe Snoke has gone from potentially one of the best villains in Star Wars history to one of the worst, with him being underdeveloped, underutilised and underwhelming. And the less said about Captain Phasma the better.

Despite these issues, when THE LAST JEDI excels its fantastic. The Kylo, Rey and Luke dynamic is the film’s greatest strength and should have been given more focus. Adam Driver is exceptional as Kylo Ren and gives a layered, emotional performance. And it is gorgeous to look at, visually stunning with some memorable cinematography.

Overall, THE LAST JEDI is an entertaining but ultimately frustrating entry into the Star Wars franchise. It could have been one of the best films of the year, but I’ll settle for just a fun time at the cinema.

P.S. I’m team #noporgs. At first, they were cute and funny but they had no purpose in the film and by the 6th/7th/8th shot of them I started to resent their appearance. Gotta think about dem Porg ™ sales doe Disney, amirite!

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