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  • Breakfast on Pluto

    Breakfast on Pluto


    cillian murphy’s marathon week.
    day 1.

    cillian murphy with long curly and fluffy hair dressed in a leather dress spraying perfume at men to knock them out made me gay.

    also, give cillian the recognition he deserves you cowards.

  • It Chapter Two

    It Chapter Two


    gotta be honest, I laughed, got scared and cried and that’s something not every movie can do, so four stars is what it deserves (two of them goes to bill hader and bill hader only).

    also, james mcavoy and jessica chastain are too powerful together, I love them.

    ALSO, spoiler alert:
    can’t believe they killed The Eater of Worldsβ„’  with bullying, what the fuck, who thought it would be a good idea? what the fuck.

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  • Inglourious Basterds

    Inglourious Basterds


    I only stan one (1) king and that’s christoph waltz.

    also, brad pitt saying gorlami is my aesthetic and I’m gonna have it tattooed in my forehead.

  • K-12



    so, this is practically a bunch of music videos that has dialogue in between so it would end up being a movie and not a bunch of music videos.

    anyways, this could’ve been better written cause it has some very cringy dialogue, but you know, all the takes were very pretty and well done and melanie did a great job there.

    final thoughts:
    half star for the cute coloring.
    one star for the amazing choreography.
    one star and a half for the beautiful job the costume and make up departments did.

    also, the music it’s so good, like what the fuck. it’s iconic.