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  • That's Not Us


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  • That's Not Us

    That's Not Us


    Maybe 15 minutes of actual, thought-provoking discussion about the messiness and complications of relationships. I think a lot of adults in long term relationships can pick at least one of the couples in this film and connect it to a real conflict their partner has had. It’s in those moments that the film is at its best; there is something arresting about watching two strangers on screen have an all-too-familiar argument that puts a mirror to yourself and your relationship.…

  • Reaching for the Moon

    Reaching for the Moon


    A bit surprised by how much lesbians and queer women laud this movie as I found it to be painfully conventional despite its gorgeous setting and relatively amusing melodrama.

    Reaching for the Moon succeeds in producing some delicately intimate imagery between Elizabeth Bishop and Lota Soares; the sequence of washing Lota's hair and inspiring Elizabeth's poetry is quite a lovely scene.

    It's unclear why Lota finds Elizabeth's so enamoring to begin with. Elizabeth appears sickly and reserved, and watching her…

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  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    I sobbed during the entire credit sequence after the movie finished.

    As the lesbian daughter of an Asian immigrant mom, this film certainly hit close to me personally, but I can't imagine anyone watching this film and not being able to see themselves and their family in the absurdity, the humanity, the absolute truth within every character and every moment in this film. Life may be meaningless, but that is also what gives it meaning, and Everything Everywhere All at Once illuminates that beautifully.

  • Crush



    Crush is the type of film I'm glad gay teens today have, but it does little to break the mould within this saturated genre.

    Crush presents an almost utopian vision of high school in which being accepting and inclusive is of utmost importance, and there is no notable social hierarchy. It's a very optimistic view of teenagers that I thought was one of the more original aspects of the film and provided a great setting for a teen love story…