Do Revenge

Do Revenge ★★★½

Of all teen films I've seen this decade, Do Revenge is one of the few I think has potential for longevity in the zeitgeist thanks to its unique aesthetic, twisting plot, and excellent chemistry between its two leads.

I was worried early on that Do Revenge played its hand a little early, particularly as it clearly laid out being a Strangers on a Train riff. However, one of the joys of Do Revenge is that even when it telegraphs some aspects of its plot, there's likely going to be more you don't anticipate. This is where the strong performances from Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke come in, able to guide the audience through some very ludicrous twists, anchored in the unlikely friendship between their two characters.

The film is not without some faults. Do Revenge makes some muddled attempts to have moments of commentary on privilege and class, but as much as it can scream at us that actually, Drea is poor, it vastly oversells how much class is actually a meaningful factor in the film particularly once we get to the end. Speaking of the end, I had to watch twice to fully understand the logic behind it and it was the only time in the film where I wasn't totally on board with the ridiculousness. Additionally, as others pointed out, perhaps the film would have made more sense if it was set in a college rather than high school considering the hilarious lack of adult supervision everywhere and the stakes of not getting into a college vs. not being kicked out of a college.

However, regardless of those qualms, Do Revenge is a fun, dark, and sometimes even thrilling film that has the potential to stand out for quite some time.

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