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  • The Fly

    The Fly


    as far as movies about a human beings becoming flies go, this one is p good. v clean grotesque sci fi storytelling. straightforward in the ways that it should be, thoroughly effective at tapping into the heightened emotions of falling in love with a manic depressive personality. Spooky codependency horror. I like when she has to choose between saving herself or like merging them all together into one body. Textbook Alanon stuff.

    Goldblum and Davis nail it. It starts to…

  • Beetlejuice



    this is one of my all time favorite films about beetlejuice

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  • Leaving Neverland

    Leaving Neverland


    I went to Neverland Ranch in 2003, around the time the court cases were going on. I was about 13. It wasn’t a special invite from MJ or anything. It was for a Disney premiere screening of “Pirates of the Carribean” that my dad pulled an invite to. Not sure why they held a big event there while Jackson was AWOL dealing with the allegations, but uh, there we were.

    Anyway, you get there and you get on a little…

  • Fyre Fraud

    Fyre Fraud


    Fyre Fest docs are my new favorite genre of cinema